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Greats Teachers Of History

Heinrich Pestalozzi

Of child was indiscipline, disrupted and not had very good ratings. It is one of the few teachers who thought with modern sense, the widespread poverty he had the dream of creating a production school where orphaned children could work, in turn, could study.

Thanks to these schools, Pestalozzi released a different view in which he said that the child is guided to learn through practice, observation and through the use of the senses.
The idea of teaching pestalociana, was to teach human development (sensory, intellectual and moral) following the child's developmental course

Jean Jacques Rousseau

One of his famous phrases says ‘‘the man is good by nature’’, more than a teacher Rousseau was a philosopher and the contribution he gave to education was an education system that leaves the man, or in this case child, in short the ideal of Rousseau is to let the child live and develop an individual personality in a corrupt society and oppressed. As the preliminary study of Emile, or On Education says (placing children more freedom and less rule, let them do more for themselves and demand less of others).

Federico Froebel

Was interested enough by the child's education and was aware that'' the child is the protagonist of his own education,'' he was the creator of the term kindergarten and also worry about the training of mothers as this will largely affects the child.
The first kindergarten opened focused on:
"The child to play outdoors in contact with nature
-That the child rejects any case of authoritarianism by the educator
-Seek a comprehensive education between school and family.

Agustin Nieto Caballero

His horizon was the education of students, for him, the mission of the teacher was educating citizens, which in turn would form the nation. Looking for modern teachers is available to improve national education. One of the changes made was to bring foreign teachers because I wanted to make a change in Colombia wanted to modernize education.

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